Top 8 Best Beginner Tips and Tricks to Thrive in Last Epoch

Last Epoch offers newcomers to the ARPG genre an accessible yet deep experience with its exciting skill system and build diversity. However, some of its nuanced mechanics may not be obvious to first-time players. This guide comprehensively covers everything you need to know to get a strong start, from character creation to optimizing xp gain. Follow these tips and you'll be shattering foes with optimized builds in no time.


1. Character Creation
When making your first character, choose the Solo Account Found (SAF) mode to avoid distractions from other players while learning. This lets you focus on story and systems without relying on help. Select the Cycle realm also – it refreshes every few months for new seasonal content versus the stagnant Legacy realm. Try out each class too, as their playstyles vary greatly. Find what clicks before committing to a single character.

2. Leveling Quickly
Focus on Main Story and repeatable Stronghold dungeons early on for sizeable xp rewards. Leave Strongholds right before final bosses to respawn enemies for additional runs. Consumable elixirs bought from Alchemists grant 5% bonus xp when active, so use them diligently. Partying provides double xp too, so invite others whenever possible. Rerouting some attribute points every 10-15 levels helps squeeze out new capabilities as your character progresses.

3. Skill Mastery
Experiment with every new skill unlocked. Some may surprisingly suit your preferred playstyle better than expected. Assign five "Specialized" skills by level 30 and focus on leveling them, as this greatly boosts bonuses through their skill trees. Activate rotation-based skills off cooldown to maximize xp gain. Respec points freely to test new setups without wasting progress. Mastering your character's skill synergy results in powerful gameplay.

4. Mana Management
Certain skills drain mana reserves, so use negative mana values when needed in emergencies. This lets you cast beyond your means without hard punishment as long as you eventually recover. Monitor health potion stock too – using full stacks instantly refills when picking up more. With care, consumables stretch further.

5. Defensive Strategies
Fit build templates with at least one ranged attack, area effect, and defensive skill each. Balance nukes with survival tools. Later specializations let some skills cover multiple roles. Healing wells become available in towns at shrines, so town portal frequently to restore between fights if needed. Pre-plan skill synergies from level 1.

6. Stat Optimization
Attributes directly alter damage for some classes, so focus mainly on Primary stats. For example, Ranger benefits greatly from Dexterity's critical chance and burst. Others like Mage appreciate Intelligence's mana pool. Vitality stays useful always for health. Monitor new abilities to leverage attribute strengths properly for each stage of progression.

7. UI Optimization
Use map pins and zone objectives plus repeatable points of interest for tidy quest tracking without clutter. Clear junk loot routinely through the Sell tab. Isolate gear by affix tier using the Filter option. Link rare finds through chat for analyzing. Maximize visibility.

8. Endgame Prep
Complete all story quests while respecting level brackets for side objectives. This maximizes rewards and prepares for high difficulties. Unlock skill trees fully. Consolidate currencies, upgrade blessings at Monoliths, and min-max gear through crafting by level 100 for expedient endgame introduction. Experiment between dungeons.

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