FIFA 16 WINTER UPGRADES LIGA BBVA Players Predictions and Investments:Neymar,Griezmann,Williams

With every end of year Winter Transfer Market starting, EA will update many players rating to FIFA

Ultimate Team,which based on the performance in real football world 2015-2016 season. Such as FIFA 15 Harry

Kane, updated from sliver player card to golden player card in FIFA Ultimate Team. In this season, there are

lots of player with outstanding performance need to be upgraded in FIFA 16. Do you want to know how many

players would be upgrade in FIFA 16 Winter Transfer Market? Sellfutcoins would make the FIFA 16 Winter

Upgrade Predictions and Investments for five leagues here. 


1. The

special player card will be upgraded based on the winter upgrade data. Such as, after Winter Upgrade, Neymar

upgrade to 90, then SIF Neymar will be upgrade to 92.

2. After FIFA 16 Winter Upgrade, you can get the

upgraded player card through opening packs or purchasing from transfer market.

3. FIFA 16 Sliver

Player rating under 74, his IF Card would not upgrade after Winter Tranfer Market.When you predict one of

 player card would upgrade, you would better sell out his normal card as soon as possible. After Winter

Upgrade, you can buy this player card again. If you lack of fifa coins, you can come to

earn free coins through opening packs simulator.

FIFA 16 WINTER UPGRADES LIGA BBVA Players Predictions and


Neymar +2

Neymar is the most improved

player in La Liga this season. When Messi injured, Neymar's performance is amazing! No matter the

shooting and assits, he is among the best of candidates.As for now, he is one the Golden Globes final

candidates. After Winter Upgrade,his new upgrade card would result the price of Neymar IF Card increased. If

you want to earn more FIFA 16 Coins, we suggest you to buy his best card in transfer market.


Griezmann +1

Atletico Madrid

has always abound with super striker, this season is no exception. Griezmann is the key person to decid

Madrid win the game. As for now, they have been leading Real Madrid, and behind of Barcelona with 2 Coins.

Although he only scored 7 goals,  each of goal can bring 3 Coins for the team.


Williams +3

As for now,

Williams has scored 4 goals in La Liga. If you don't have enough money to buy Bale, Williams is a great



Navas +2

Although Real Madrid

has missed De Gea in this Summer transfer market,what's the surprised is that Navas has seized this

opportunity. The excellent performance of Navas help Real Madrid has chance to compete for championship in

this season. Although he is 28, he is sure to have many great years ahead. He is certainly more deserving of

a rating in the region of 82.

Nolito +1

Moving from France to sunny

Spain, we now have the player Barca fans dreamed of replacing Pedro with. I supposed he is the best winger

in La Liga,as for now, 8 goals and 5 assists,it is easy to see why he would be given at least a +1 upgrade

to 83.