FIFA 16 WINTER UPGRADES Barclays Premier League Players Predictions in Ultimate Team

Annual FIFA Winter Upgrade were based on the players performance in new season.Today, we would like to make predictions of 2015-2016 Barclays Premier League Players Winter Upgrade. In the previous article, we have announced the predictions of FIFA 16 Winter Upgrades Liga BBVA Players. There is no doubt, the currently TOP 1 club Leicester City have 2 players would be upgrade a lot. Mesut Özil as the king of assists in BPL will get a upgrade rating after winter transfer.

Sellfutcoins would make the predictions of 5 League Winter Upgrade, next week please pay attention on the FIFA 16 WINTER UPGRADE Serie A League Players Predictions. If you have different ideas, please leave your message here. All these predictions player are good player card we can make investment.


1. Upgrades apply to new non-inform players found in packs.Non-IF players in your Club will not receive an upgrade.

2. If an upgraded player's new OVR rating equals or surpasses his existing first in-form's rating, his IFs will be upgraded respectively.

3. If an upgraded player's new OVR rating does not equal or surpass his existing in-form's rating, his IFs will not be upgraded.

However, if an upgraded player with an existing IF gets upgraded across Quality tiers (eg. Silver to Gold), his lower-quality IF will not be upgraded. This preserves the in-form's high value. (Ex: Harry Kane has been upgraded to a Gold, but his two existing silver IFs will not receive upgrades and will stay Silver.)

4. If you already own the in-form version of an upgraded player in your Club, your IF will be upgraded.

Mesut Özil +1

As for now, Mesut Özil has contributed 15 assists in Premier League.When most of Arsenal players injured, he support this team march to championship of BPL and Champions League. Last week, the game between Manchester City and Arsenal, Mesut Özil contributed 2 assists to help team win the most important 6 Coins.

FIFA 16 Transfer Market: Inform Card 


Jamie Vardy +8

Most of people probably think that UPGRADES 8 is high, but Vardy has taken the league by storm, scoring in his last 11 matches which broke the records in BPL.His lightning pace and deadly shooting accuracy make made him a lethal weapon for the Foxes. He absolutely deserves EA give him a huge upgrade after Winter Transfer. As for now, Leicester City is the TOP 1 in Premier League, and Jamie Vardy is top scorer.

FIFA 16 Transfer Market: Special Card


De Bruyne +1

In last season, De Bruyne has proved his personal capacity in German Bundesliga. This season, he has been controversial for expensive transfer free. While, he has scored 4 goals 6 assists as for now, who has been the core of the team.

FIFA 16 Transfer Market: IF Card and SIF Card


Lukaku +2

Lukalu has an excellent performance in this season, who has contributed 13 goals ad 4 assists for Everton. While, Everton still ranks 10th in Premier League. There is probablly that Lukaku will leave Everton in Winter Transfer, EA at least will give him +2 upgrades.It is curious that EA still didn't give him any special card in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team.


Mahrez +5

Vardy’s partner in crime, the Algerian seems incapable of taking a wrong step this season. Mahrez has a deadly left foot and is blessed with wicked skill.Compared with Vardy, the personal ability of Mahrez is better than Vardy. As for now, Mahrez has scored 13 goals and 7 assists.