Diablo 2 Resurrected Season 6 Best Builds For Each Class

With Season 6 of Diablo 2 Resurrected well underway, players are leveling new characters and pushing the limits of the endgame. Each class features a variety of effective builds, but some have emerged as standout options based on damage, survivability, and effectiveness in group play. In this article, we examine the top build choices for each class as season six progresses. Read on to decide which build best fits your seasonal goals.


Sorc Builds

As the premier magic-slinger class, Sorceresses have access to powerful elemental abilities. RankedBoost recommends these top builds:

Frozen Orb/Meteor Hybrid (S Tier)

This do-it-all build combines the high single target damage of Meteor with Frozen Orb's crowd clearing ability. Orb freezes everything while Meteor melts bosses. Infinity lowers resistances for insane combined damage.

Lightning Orb (S Tier)

Replacing Meteor with Chain Lightning grants permanent immunity-piercing lightning damage. Higher overall damage than Frozen Orb but relies more on good gear. Static Field boosts clear speed.

BlizzSorc (A Tier)

Reliable snow clone farming with lower gear requirements than other options. Effective in player VS monster duels with good teleport use despite lacking boss damage.

Firewall (B Tier)

Not the strongest but offers fun high-density build diversity. Firewall's wall of flames becomes dangerous with Enigma and Infinity. Needs practice to fully realize build's capabilities.

Barb Builds

Known for raw damage output and durability, Barbarians have diverse skill combinations. Here are their top options:

Whirlwind (S Tier)

A mainstay with incredible survivability and speed farming. Whirl tornado wrecks everything in seconds. Infinity proc gives near immunity while finding loot. Faith or Oath grant damage boosts.

Berserker (A Tier)

Great melee combat option for wealth finding or Listerruns. High damage from Berserk with short cooldowns and no resists to worry about. Reliant on life leech so less grouping utility.

Concentrate (B Tier)

Strong magic damage melee magic hybrid. Insane attack rating from Battle Orders while Concentrate slams enemies rapidly. Doesn’t WW as fast but brings buffs to groups.

WarCry (B Tier)

Offers great utility, but falls behind pure damage dealers. Warcries buff party while your high armor tankiness protects allies. Effective but can struggle to keep up solo damage-wise.

Necro Builds

Feared summoners and curses define Necromancer abilities. These stand out:

Summoner (S Tier)

Skeleton Army plus Golems destroy everything. Hard to die with Revive tanking with Lifetap. A1 mercs give might aura boost while you curse from the backlines. Best combination of damage and utility.

Poison Nova/CE (A Tier)

Deadly combo of poison explosion damage over time. Corpse Explosion annihilates everything near dead enemies while Nova clouds kill stragglers. Excels in tight maps with high monster density.

Bone Spear/Teeth (A Tier)

Melee magic hybrid blends curses with direct damage spears using Teeth to rapidly life tap enemies into an early grave. Lower safety than summoner but dishes out great single target damage.

Assassin Build

Fast, safe, and powerful; Amazon skills shine in group play. Some excellent choices:

Ice Bowazon (S Tier)

Freezing Arrow chills then shatters foes with Exploding/Guided Arrow. Deadly through Infinity with its pierce chance of Frostburn granting permanent mobility and safety. Among the strongest magic archer options.

Lightning Javazon (S Tier)

Rapid lightning fury obliterates the screen via Fend charge strike synergy. Faith runeword gives near immunity while Static Field stuns everything into inevitable lightning doom. Takes great gears but stays highly rewarding.

Lightning Strike (A Tier)

Charges shots deal magic damage without resistances providing powerful single target damage. Requires less gear dedication than Java but no crowd clear potential either. Rely on fend to proc decrepify for defense.

Trap Assassin

With excellent control and burst damage, Traps define the Assassins. These trap styles excel:

Death Sentry (S Tier)

Massive physical and magic damage from Corpse explosion of exploding sentry traps dropped everywhere. Great survivability and utility while dishing damage safely from range. Nearly impossible to die with Cloak of Shadows.

Lightning Sentry (A Tier)

More elemental damage than Physical with lower gear requirements. Immunity ignoring chain lightning combined with Cloak of Shadows provides great group utility as physical variant.

Fire Blast Sentry (A Tier)

Less used than others, fire blasts excel with proper gear. Lower safety and cannot compete with top builds lacking hybrid options to diversify damage. Remains effective with investment.

Paladin Builds

Known for auras and combat charms, Paladins stand as supports and fighters. A few highlights:

Hammerdin (S Tier)

Unmatched crowd control stun-locking everything into oblivion. Smashes with Faith runeword granting near immunity while buffing combat skills with max block and resist auras. Most well-rounded gameplay from range or melee, however complex to get running properly.

Smiter (A Tier)

Immortal Uber annihilator. Insanity runeword, high physical damage and resistances let you perma-stun Ubers for easy win. Lower farming viability solo or in parties relying more on defensive charms than damage.

Zealot (B Tier)

Classic melee powerhouse. High damage output from fanaticism, though lower safety versus physical foes compared to Smite. Less gear dependent than Smiter but cannot engage Ubers solo. Offers simpler hybrid martial magic skill usage.

Druid Builds

With shapeshifting and magic wildness, Druids astound. Top builds fuse these strengths:

Wind Druid (S Tier)

Hurricane conjures twisters of might for high physical damage while cyclone armor provides max resist tankiness. Oak Sage boosts survive even further. Great summoner optional with oak sage. Very rounded and safe build overall.

Raven Druid (A Tier)

Focuses magic through shapeshifting ability amplification. Essence shreds flesh while transforming into frenzied wolves for mobility. Excels as hybrid with great gear coupling wolf Druid skills perfectly balanced.

Fire Claws (B Tier)

Lower safety than others, but claw-summoner hybridization offers melee-caster versatility. Needs proper gear and requires more mastery to shine but nicely blends Druid archetypes.

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