Building a Beginner Necromancer in Diablo II: Resurrected

The mysterious Necromancer class has long intrigued Diablo players with its menagerie of undead minions and sinister spells. However, mastering these dark arts takes patience and planning. This D2R Necro build guide aims to empower new Necromancers by thoroughly explaining how to build a powerful summoner focused on skeletal legions from level 1 through defeating Hell difficulty. From optimal attribute allocation to recommended skills and progression, readers will emerge prepared to command hordes of the deceased against the armies of the Burning Hells.


Level 1-15: Laying the Foundation

Initially, dump points solely into Vitality for survival. At level 6, spend your first point in Teeth for ranged damage and crowd control while leveling. Keep one point in Teeth and focus the remainder on Raise Skeleton and Skeleton Mastery. Raise a few skeletons at a time to conserve mana. Prioritize Vitality until level 15, ignoring other attributes for now.

Level 15-25: Boosting Your Forces

Now add one point to Strength, then max Skeleton Mastery by level 20. Afterwards, redirect remaining points to Raise Skeleton. By level 25, you'll command a full party of skeletal minions with decent stats to tackle Normal mode. Continue putting every point into Vitality otherwise. Look for quality gear with +Skills and resistances as you progress.

Level 25-35: Prepping for the Long Haul

In Nightmare, bosses and champions will melt your skeletons faster. Focus summoning Clay Golems with improved staying power from points in Golem Mastery. Consider supplementing your minions with Bone Armor for much needed armor or Iron Maiden. Respeccing isn't recommended yet, though you'll accumulate a token by beating Nightmare anyway.

Level 35-45: Specializing Your Hordes

Respec, removing points from Teeth and putting 18 into Raise Skeleton, with the rest going to max Skeleton Mastery and Golem Mastery respectively. Skeletal Warriors will now utterly decimate foes. Supplement with Bone Spear or Poison Dagger for improved single target damage. Acquire Gore Shoes and a bone wand with +3 Raise Skeleton by now for a huge damage boost.

Level 45-60: Pre-Hell Optimization

In preparation for Hell, sharpen your forces further. Finetune your mercenary with exceptional gear and proper resistances via Smoke runeword. Craft budget Helms of Steel for minions to bolster their survival in Hell's ruthless climate. By level 50, equip Tal Rasha's Horadric Cube and complete countess runs for your first Infinites.

Level 60-80: Dominating the Burning Hells

With your newfound powers, Hell poses little threat so long as you maintain your horde. Revive a Cerberus and Blood Golem for tanking brunt of attacks. Consider transitioning Poison skills to poison/bone hybrid via synergies. Always replenish pots and scrolls, as high grand charms with mana/life will mitigate potion spamming. Farm elite areas efficiently to find that last perfect unique or runeword!

Level 80+: Uber Tristram and Beyond

Near level cap, your summoner stands prepared to challenge even Diablo Clone himself. Optimize your collection of charms to increase offensives, Vitality or even Magic Find. Boost minion damage via Annihilus/Infinity d2r runewords. Coordinate strategic Revives of powerful demons in Uber Tristram. With your undead legions transcending death itself, no foe can stand against you. The Eternal conflict ends when you choose to lay your scepter to rest. Raise on!

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