It is of little use to launch attacks if you are unable to make the most of the opportunities that present themselves to you. For this reason, it is essential that you are able to select the type of shot that is most appropriate for the conditions that currently exist. Not to mention the fact that having an excellent finishing ability can completely change the course of the game and help you snag a victory from a position where you were previously on the verge of losing the match. This is something that is important to keep in mind.


In FIFA 23, shooting is one of those skills that can be learned quickly but takes a lot of practice to become truly proficient at. The vast majority of players pay no attention to this facet of the game, opting instead to rely on their intuition and the good graces of lady luck as they press and hold the shot button in the vain hope that their shot will somehow find its way into the back of the net. Let's talk about how to make the most of the opportunities that have been presented to you, and then take a look at the different choices that are available to you when you find yourself in a position where you can shoot the ball.

The most fundamental type of shot from which you can choose, as well as the one with which the vast majority of people are comfortable. The shot will become more powerful if you keep your finger on the shot button for a longer period of time, but it will also become less accurate in its execution. This latter strategy is especially effective when long-range specialists such as Kevin de Bruyne are on the field.

My personal favorite, which is also known as the curler, is a potentially lethal tool that you should always keep in your locker. After that, you have the perfect opportunity to take a delicate shot in the direction of the top right corner of the opponent's net when you have R1 and O in your possession. Having said that, you need to find the perfect balance between the power and the timing. Your team's chances of scoring can be improved by making use of your players' powerful feet and by fielding specialists like Lionel Messi and Toni Kroos. You can also use the finesse shot in close-range situations where you need to prioritize accurately placing the ball around the keeper rather than simply putting your foot through the ball. This requires a higher level of concentration and precision than the typical foot-through-the-ball shot. In these kinds of situations, you should either aim for a lot of power or a very low amount of power; if you don't, the height of the shot in FIFA 23 will make it relatively simple for the keeper to save the ball. If you do aim for a lot of power, you should aim for either a very low amount of power or a very high amount of power.

You have just put the finishing touch on an incredible chip shot by scoring a goal. If you take too much time before taking your shot, the goalkeeper will be able to get to the ball and block it before it even has a chance to leave the ground. It is possible to achieve success when shooting early if you compensate for it by adding more power to your chip and maintaining pressure on the controls for a longer period of time.

Power Shot is a brand-new feature that was added to the roster of options in FIFA 23. We were able to take low-driven shots in earlier versions of FIFA; however, those capabilities have since been removed and replaced with these. Simply put, pressing R1 + L1 + O will cause your character to begin a run-up, which is essentially an attempt to generate the greatest amount of power possible (hence the name).
When using the Power Shot, the slightest delay in timing can send the ball hurtling in the opposite direction of the goal, so it's important to make sure you get it just right. As a result, you should make certain that you only use this option when you not only have the time but also the space necessary to do so. It is important to become familiar with this component before using it in a competitive match, as some players might find it unsettling, and as a result, it might cause them to lose their concentration. Familiarizing yourself with this component is important.

As its name suggests, the timed shot requires you to manually time each of your shots in order to significantly increase both their power and their accuracy. However, in order for this to work, you will need the ability to manually time your shots accurately. In order to complete a timed finish, you must first load up a regular shot in the same manner as before, but you must then press the shot button a second time just before your player actually makes contact with the ball. This must be done in order to achieve a timed finish. If you are able to hone this ability, you will almost never miss the target when you shoot at it, and it will be virtually impossible for you to do so. You can load up a flair shot by pressing L2 and O, and then allow the artificial intelligence to handle the rest of the move for you if you believe a cross is coming in at the perfect speed and height for you to execute a bicycle, scissor, or scorpion kick. This can be done by pressing L2 and O simultaneously. If you time it correctly, you will score a goal of exceptional quality; if you don't, one of your players will fall to the ground in an embarrassing manner.

If you time it correctly, you will score a goal of exceptional quality. The timing of your striker as well as its location are, without a doubt, the two most important factors to take into consideration. Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi's rival, Lionel Messi, struggle to score goals with flair shots as frequently as Messi's rival, Cristiano Ronaldo. Even though there are a lot of different qualities that come into play here, timing is the most important factor to think about in order to master the flair shot. This is despite the fact that timing is not the only factor that comes into play.

This FIFA 23 shooting and finishing guide has reached its conclusion, having covered all of the information that was intended to be covered. Keep in mind that the most important aspect of successful repetition is consistency. No matter how much information you take in, the only way you will be able to use these skills in a real game is if you put in enough practice. If you don't practice enough, you won't be able to use any of the information you take in. Before jumping into a competitive match, you should first try to complete all of the Shooting Drills in the Skills Games section of the main menu for FIFA 23, as well as play a few offline games against the computer. After that, you should move on to the next step of the process, which is jumping into a competitive match.

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