The Elden Ring Best Builds Tier List Rank Ordering of All Builds

Bandai Namco Entertainment is the publisher of Fromsoftware's most recent Magnum Opus, Elden Ring, which was developed by the studio. The open-world design of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been vastly improved upon in this game.

The Elden Ring Best Builds Tier List, Rank Ordering of All Builds
Elden Ring provides you with up to sixteen different build options, ranging from those focused on dealing damage to those that emphasize combos. All of the builds are ranked according to the weapons, armor, Incantations, and Talismans that they offer, as well as their overall dominance in the PvE and PvP meta. It goes without saying that the Magic, Frostbite, Dexterity, and Bleed Elden Ring Builds are the very best of all of them and feature excellent gear compatibility. In addition, all of the best Builds feature impressive statistics and pieces of equipment, such as Ranni's Darkmoon Incantation and Uchigatana and Ghiza's Wheel-like Weapons, respectively. In Elden Ring, below-average builds include the Bow Build, Poison Build, Spear Build, and Whip Build. These will provide you with extremely limited use that is not worth the effort required to obtain them.

Bleed Build Bleed Builds are widely considered to be the most effective in Elden Ring.
This time around, Fromsoftware has given the blood Build up a significant boost in terms of both gameplay and visuals. This section of our Assassin's Build in Elden Ring guide provides extensive information regarding the bleed mechanism. Using a weapon with a bleed effect will, in essence, cause a percentage of the boss's health to be procced. Using bleed effectively against bosses can be accomplished in a matter of seconds if you have the right weapons and enough grease. This section of our guide demonstrates how powerful the bleed mechanic can be in the game. Elden Ring is home to a large number of Powerful Bleed Weapons, the majority of which generate bleed very quickly. Bleed Scales primarily with the Arcane stat, and the majority of your leveling efforts should be focused on improving this area. When you level up your Arcane skill, bleed will activate more frequently. Katanas and Claw weapons do good bleed damage, but for the optimal bleed build, use an Ash of War to give them the Arcane affinity. This will allow you to maximize their bleed potential. This will not only increase the amount of damage they take from bleeding, but it will also scale the arcane weapons.

Build your dexterity.
Because Dexterity has always been such a powerful attribute in all of Fromsoftware's games, you can find it featured in S-Tier on our list of the best builds for the Elden Ring. In the Dexterity build, katanas will serve as your primary weapons of choice. If you have high Dexterity levels and use these weapons, you will have the highest damage per second possible in the game. It is recommended that you use powerstancing katanas because it doubles the amount of damage you deal. Katanas are characterized by their long range and their speedy movesets. Not only will you have an easy time defeating bosses in PvE, but you'll also have a much easier time winning fights in PvP. If you want more information on Powerstaging, have a look at our guide on how to build a Dual Katana. Make sure to use an Ash of War to give your weapons the Dex affinity so that they can be used effectively. Because of this, they will have the best scaling possible for their Dexterity. For your Dex builds, we suggest that you make use of the Uchigatana and the Nagakiba.

Frostbite Construct
In Dark Souls 3, Frost did not have a build that was competitive. However, Fromsoftware has given it yet another improvement, making it one of the most powerful gameplay mechanisms in the game. Even though not all bosses bleed, nearly all of them will suffer from frostbite. Frostbite will also cause a proc on the boss's health, but the amount is significantly lower than the proc that bleed causes. Frostbite not only causes the effect, but it also causes the frost to remain on the boss for a considerable amount of time. Because frost lowers a target's defense, this will allow your attacks to deal significantly more damage to bosses. Intelligence is the primary factor in determining how well Frost scales. A hybrid melee/intelligence weapon will be used by the build itself. Applying a frost Ash of War to your weapon, such as that obtained from the Hoarfrost Stomp, will grant it the Cold affinity. Although almost any weapon can be used effectively with the Frost Affinity, the Club or the Katana are our top two recommendations.

Create Wonders
Magic and other forms of sorcery have always played an important role in Fromsoftware's games. You will probably have an easier time using sorceries all the way from the beginning of the game up until the point where you face the final boss. Spells such as Comet Azure will cause catastrophic damage to bosses and, in some cases, even end their lives before the phase transition. In Elden Ring, sorceries have far too much power for their level. Frostbite is a condition that can be caused by certain spells, and some spells are completely undetectable by the adversaries. The strength of the game's spells is broken down in our Comet Azure Build guide, which can be found here. Check out our guide on building an Intelligence character for additional details on Magic. Because sorceries scale off of Intelligence, you will need to focus most of your levels on increasing that stat. If you want more information, have a look at our guide on the best staffs in Elden Ring. Staffs will be your primary weapons if you go with a pure Magic build.

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