The Absolute Best Weapons for the Elden Ring in Each and Every Stat Category

Because Elden Ring offers players a wide variety of different weapon builds to choose from, the game can be played in a number of different ways to suit different preferences. In order to assist you in determining which weapons you should prioritize obtaining and how to do so, we have compiled a list of the top five weapons for each stat (STR, DEX, IN, FTH, and ARC). This list will help you determine which weapons you should focus on obtaining and how to do so. Its Ash of War is called Regal Roar, and it is a mighty roar that not only increases the attack power of your character, but also sends out an unguardable shockwave around them. The armament is only capable of dealing damage of a physical nature, and neither its affinity nor its weapon skill can be altered in any way. You will be able to acquire the Axe of Godfrey if you do this. Its one-of-a-kind Ash of War is an Ancient Lightning Spear, which allows the user to charge the weapon and then launch it at their adversaries after aiming it. This ability is only available to those who use the unique Ash of War. 

This can be turned into a very effective spammable by combining it with the Icon of Godfrey and the talisman of the Shard of Alexander.
Location: You can purchase this weapon in Leyndell, which is found in the Ashen Capital region of the game world. Finding the Bolt of Gransax can be accomplished in one of two ways, depending on your preference:

Once Godfrey, First Elden Lord (Golden Shade) has been vanquished, exit the Erdtree Sanctuary grace site through the door located in the westernmost portion of the building. If this is the case, take the elevator down to the lower level, continue descending the staircase, and climb up onto the enormous spear.

If you take this path, you can also enter Leydnell, the Royal Capital, without having to put an end to the Godfrey shade's existence. You and two other Perfumers need to travel in a direction that is roughly southwesterly until you reach the patio. Once there, you need to climb down the railing and onto the walkway below. Proceed in a westerly direction along the path until you reach the railing that encircles the enormous spear. You will be able to acquire the weapon if you are capable of successfully performing a jump on top of the enormous spear without falling off. If you are not successful, you will not be able to acquire the weapon.

The Most Effective Tools for Acquiring Secret Intelligence
Impaling Thrust is the default weapon skill for the Clayman's Harpoon, which is referred to as the Harpoon of Clayman. On the other hand, you are free to use the Ash of War of your choosing in place of it if you so choose.

Clayman's Harpoon is unique among weapons in that, when aligned with the Standard alignment, its damage increases proportionally with the user's Intellect, and it can be improved through the use of magical means. For example, if you use Clayman's Harpoon at an affinity of +25 with Standard, it will increase your Intellect by 80 points while also providing you with 513 additional attack damage. Because it can be buffed, this is something that is definitely doable. As a consequence of this, you will obtain 822 AR, which places you on par with some of the best colossal weapons currently available in the game. Do you agree with me that for a mage, that is a pretty good performance? You will be able to completely wipe out the health bars of the majority of the bosses in the game if you use it in conjunction with the Ash of War: Spinning Weapon ability.

You can acquire the armament by going to the Uhl Palace Ruins, the Siofra River, or the Ainsel River and searching for Clayman adversaries who are wielding it there. Alternatively, you can travel to the Ainsel River.

The Most Effective Tools Available to Christians
Taker's Flames is the name of the weapon skill that is automatically equipped with the Blasphemous Blade when it is purchased. It is referred to as the Blade of Blasphemy. It grants the user the ability to set fire to the blade, after which they can perform a projectile wave that travels in a straight line across the ground. This weapon has the potential to make the game too easy for you to enjoy, not only because it restores some of your health whenever it eliminates an adversary and drains some of their health whenever it uses its ability, but also because it inflicts quite a bit of damage on your opponents!

How to get it: Defeat Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, on Mount Gelmir, and you will be granted Remembrance of the Blasphemous as a reward for your efforts as a prize for your accomplishment.

Examples of Arcane Weaponry of the Highest Quality
In the words of Eleonora's Poleblade:Bloodblade Dance is the name of the weapon skill that is associated with Eleonora's Poleblade. Bloodblade Dance is a Bloodborne ability. A very impressive ability that, in the space of a single blink of an eye, can cause Blood Loss to build up to a dangerous level.

It is the weapon's ability to quickly build up Blood Loss, which can be useful against a large number of enemies throughout the game. This is despite the fact that the weapon does not excel in terms of its attack range (AR) or its raw damage output (raw damage output), but its strength is in its ability to do so. You will receive the weapon as a reward for completing the final step of his questline, which is to defeat Eleonora, Violet Bloody Finger, at the Second Church of Marika. Completing this step will allow you to complete the questline.

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