Should You Buy EA FC 24 in the Steam Winter Sale 2023?

Should You Buy EA FC 24 in the Steam Winter Sale 2023?

With the Steam Winter Sale 2023 now live, EA FC 24 has received a significant 60% discount on both the Standard and Ultimate editions. For prospective buyers on the fence, is this FIFA successor worth purchasing at its reduced holiday price?

Let's dive into the key factors to consider when deciding if now is the right time to buy EA FC 24 Coins on Steam.

Gameplay Improvements

EA FC 24 has received several major gameplay patches since launch, with Title Update 6 making significant strides in improving the on-pitch experience.

Based on community feedback, TU6 adjusted the gameplay meta in positive ways. While more polish is still needed, the current state of EA FC 24 gameplay is considerably better than at release.

Getting the game now allows you to experience the gameplay in its improved form, without enduring the early growing pains.

Content Variety

EA FC 24 offers diverse content across offline and online modes. This includes career mode, VOLTA football, online seasons, Pro Clubs, and the hugely popular Ultimate Team.

There are new challenge maps, women's club teams, and quality of life upgrades across most modes. With both on and offline options, there is no shortage of content to keep players engaged.

Upcoming Content

While buy EA FC 24 Coins is already packed with content, more is on the way. Major upcoming releases include:

  • World Cup Update – adds the Qatar 2022 World Cup tournament
  • Team of the Year – special upgraded player items
  • Season 2 – new objective and SBC content
  • Team of the Season – additional juiced player items

Getting the game now allows you to build momentum before these big additions arrive and join the excitement on launch.

Current Promo Value

EA FC 24 is currently running the Winter Wildcards promo, which offers boosted "Wildcard" player item versions of current football stars and icons.

There are also Flashbacks, Best Of, and other special cards available for a limited time. The Steam sale coincides with this valuable promo content.

Squad Building

A common draw of Ultimate Team is building your dream squad by acquiring top tier players. While starting later puts you behind, the 60% Steam discount makes up for this.

You can rapidly build your FC 24 Coins balance through matches, objectives, and rewards to begin purchasing top players for your squad and compete online.

Upcoming Promo Prep

As mentioned, Team of the Year arrives in late January. If you start now, you'll have adequate time to prepare your Ultimate Team club for this massive promo launch.

You can complete objectives, earn rewards, and save up FC 24 Coins to spend on elite TOTY cards when they drop.

High Value

At only 40% of the original retail pricing, EA FC 24 provides exceptional value during the Steam Winter Sale for the amount of content and updates it provides.

You receive the full experience for a fraction of the cost – an absolute bargain for any football or FIFA fan.


Downsides to Consider

While the discounted price point improves value, there are a few potential downsides to weigh when deciding if now is the right time to buy.

The game is nearing the halfway point of its lifecycle. Starting Ultimate Team now may feel behind the curve and competitive balance versus established players.

There is also a learning curve adapting to gameplay changes from previous FIFA titles.

While improvements have been made, more content and polish is still needed in some areas.

The Verdict

Overall, the Steam Winter Sale 60% discount makes EA FC 24 a worthwhile pickup for both series veterans and new players.

The reduced price point helps offset starting Ultimate Team later in the game cycle. And with key content still upcoming, there is plenty to experience for months to come.

For football fans seeking the latest virtual soccer experience to dive into during the holidays, taking advantage of this seasonal Steam deal to buy EA FC 24 Coins is a smart play.

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