Play Free Rocket League Crate Simulator to Win Rocket League Items – RL Crate Opening Simulator on

Good news! Simulating open Rocket League Crate is well under way on, more and more players

have joined in. Play the free Rocket League Crate Opening Simulator, you will have the

chance to win Import, Exotic even Black Market items and Rocket League keys every day!


What is the Rocket

League Crate Simulator on

In Rocket League, you will get some special

crates like Golden Egg, Ferocity Crate, which you can open and get exclusive drops from it, including Rocket

League car bodies, wheels, boosts, decals, goal explosions and more. These items are divided into 5 tiers,

Rare, Very rare, Import, Exotic and Black Market, each tier has different drop rates. But you need to cost

Rocket League

keys to open the crate in game, which is completely free on


free Rocket League Crate Opening Simulator is based on the real gameplay to give players the best

experience and fun through opening crates without the time and money restrictions, all crates in Rocket

League are available here with the same drop rates. In addition, there is no limit on the number of times

you play and without any cost of RL keys or money. 

Rocket League Crate Items Drops


54.8% – Rare Item 20% chance of painted

27.9% – Very Rare Item 15% chance of


12.1% – Import Item

3.9% – Exotic Item

1.3% – Black Market


Why to choose GOLDKK Rocket League Crate Simulator?

– Free

& Safe. This tool is set only for supplying a platform allows Rocket League fans to open crates for fun,

it's always free to all players over the world. You don't need to pay any penny or Rocket League

keys. What's more, it is tested amount of times by our professional staff, it's definitely safe and

fair, please feel free to play.

– No limits of Crates Opening. You can open as many crates as you want

each day, no matter what type of Rocket League crate, then check out where you rank on the Top Opening list

and what rewards you can earn. The more you play, the more likely you are to get a black market


– Plentiful rewards. Everyone has chance to win different quantities of Rocket League

Crates and keys according to the Rocket League Crate Rank

1. Rewards For Top 1 Winner (1 to 10):

10 x Ferocity Crates and 10 Keys

2. Rewards For Top 2 to 10 Winners: 5 x Ferocity Crates and 5 Keys To

Each One

3. Rewards For Ranked on 25th, 50th, 75th, 100th … (all the multiples of 25, no limited): 5

Keys To Each One   

How to play GOLDKK Rocket League Crate


1. Go to the page:


2. Choose an RL Crate you want to open.

3. If you want to join our Daily

Crate Simulator Giveaway to win FREE Rocket League Items, Crates, and Keys, you need to register and log in, set

your platform with the account, then to click OPEN CRATES, your opening will be recorded and ranked on our

Top Opening Ranking list.

If you are not registered, click Demo Crate to simulate opening the crate

you selected, your opening will not be recorded and ranked on our list. The items you get will be shown



Join us

now and play the RL Crate Opening Simulator, win best rewards! Beautiful budget Rocket

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