How to Upgrade Gear and the Lost Ark’s Guide to Gear Honing

The most important thing you can do to become more powerful in Lost Ark and raise your item level is to upgrade your equipment, which is referred to as gear honing in the game.

You can sharpen your equipment by speaking with the Gear Honing NPC in any major city. However, you won't be able to do so until you have reached level 50, finished Ealyn's Gift, and have tier 1 equipment in your inventory.


In Lost Ark, the process of improving one's tools and weapons is referred to as "honing."If you hone a piece of equipment or a weapon, you will raise its "+" level, which will result in an increase to both its statistics and its item level. The only way to raise your character's item level and, consequently, the only way to unlock later main story questlines and other content in the game is to perfect the gear you already have. When you reach level 50 and until you have a complete set of upgraded tier 3 equipment, honing is the single most important thing you can do to increase the overall damage that your character deals. This is true even though there are many other ways to boost your character's damage output. After reaching level 50, completing the quest "Ealyn's Gift" in Vern Castle in North Vern, and acquiring at least one piece of gear that is tier 1, you will be able to begin honing your gear in Lost Ark. Only gear of tiers 1, 2, and 3 can be honed in Lost Ark, in contrast to some other massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). After completing the main questline up to the point where you reach Vern Castle in North Vern and then the side quest Ealyn's Gift, you will be able to access the Chaos Dungeons.

Even accessories can't be sharpened in any way.

The quest "Strengthen Gear by Honing!" found in the guide. While you are working your way up to level 50 in Lost Ark, you do not need to place any attention whatsoever on your equipment because it will be replaced very quickly and there is no way to improve it.

How to sharpen your equipment in the game Lost Ark
When you have a piece of equipment or a weapon that is tier 1 or higher, Lost Ark Gold Procyon is time to begin honing Lost Ark Gold Procyon so that it better suits your needs. You can use the map to pinpoint their precise location within a major city by either looking for an icon depicting a hammer or typing in the words Gear Honing into the search bar. Upgrading and gear honing are the two components that make up the process of honing a piece of equipment or a weapon.

Lost Ark's upgrades bring the gear up to 100 percent.
The cost of upgrading a piece of equipment is measured in both shards and silver. Lost Ark Gold Procyon is dependent on the tier of the item being upgraded as to what kind of shards are required to upgrade it. When you have successfully upgraded a piece of equipment or weapon to the maximum possible level, you can then begin honing it. The item's upgrade level will remain at the maximum possible level until you have successfully honed Lost Ark Gold Procyon to the next honing level, at which point the upgrade level will be reset to 0%. Click the Gear Honing button, which becomes active once you've upgraded the selected piece of gear to its maximum level, and then click the Gear Honing button a second time. This will allow you to attempt to bring the selected piece of gear up to the next honing level.

The Lost Ark window for honing gears
In contrast to upgrading, gear honing is not guaranteed at higher honing levels. Because of this, it is highly likely that you will need to attempt to hone gear multiple times before finally being able to move it to the next honing level. Every attempt at honing gear requires a financial investment in the form of destruction or guardian stones, leapstones, shards, and eventually gold, silver, and fusion material as well. Again, the tier of the item being honed determines the type of destruction or guardian stone, shard, leapstone, and fusion material that are required to hone it.

The term "Failure Success Rate Bonus" refers to the phenomenon in which a failed attempt at honing raises the chances that the subsequent attempt at honing will also be successful. This phenomenon occurs when the chance of success in honing is no longer 100%. The current honing level determines both the base success rate and the maximum success rate that can be achieved with the Failure Success Rate Bonus. The higher the current honing level, the lower both of these rates are.

Artisan's Energy
The Artisan's Energy system is a pity system that ensures you will not end up continually trying to hone the same piece of gear to the next level without being successful. If the Artisan's Energy for a particular piece of equipment or weapon has reached +100%, then the subsequent honing attempt will unquestionably be successful. If the attempt to hone an item is unsuccessful, the amount of Artisan's Energy that is increased for that item can be seen by looking at the green parentheses that are located next to Artisan's Energy in the window that appears just before attempting to hone an item. When you successfully hone an item to the next honing level, the Artisan's Energy that you built up for Lost Ark Gold Procyon through unsuccessful attempts is reset to zero. This occurs whenever you successfully hone an item to the next honing level. If you are able to successfully hone an item to the next honing level before Artisan's Energy takes effect, then it will not make a difference whether or not you use Artisan's Energy. This indicates that additional failed honing attempts are necessary for higher honing level  before Artisan's Energy can guarantee successful honing of the item.

If you are playing as a DPS, upgrading your weapon should be your top priority. After that, you should focus on improving your gloves, shoulders, headgear, legwear, and chestpiece in that order. If you take the same character and hone both their headgear and their weapon to the next level, for example, the character will gain more attack power from honing their weapon to the next level than they would from honing their headgear.

The base defensive stats of an item increase the more  deviates from its main stat's normal amount. Even though this is the most effective way to prioritize your honing, you shouldn't just focus on honing your weapon or gloves all the time because honing costs are a significant component of the process. You need to improve all of your equipment at the same time.

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