How to Restore and Enhance the Performance of Your Dependable Steed Torrent in Elden Ring

The Elden Ring: The Complete Guide to Restoring and Enhancing the Condition of Your Dependable HorseBitTorrentAs you travel through the vast Lands Between of Elden Ring, Torrent will be your devoted companion throughout the entire journey. As you traverse the expansive open world and engage in difficult boss battles, Torrent assists in enhancing your mobility and ability to survive. On the other hand, just like any other ally, Torrent is not invincible and will take damage against adversaries. This guide will provide you with useful advice on how to maintain Torrent in order to ensure that they are able to assist you in your adventures in a reliable manner. Recovery Methods for TorrentThe Process of Creating Healing Items for TorrentAdditional Techniques for Restoring the Health of TorrentsGuidance for Preventing Damage to the Torrent FileFinal Thoughts

Recovery Methods for TorrentIt is possible to heal Torrent in the most direct manner by utilizing Rowa Raisins or Frozen Raisins, which are specifically crafted for the purpose of healing mounts while they are mounted

– Just a few of these simple-to-make items are all that is required to completely restore Torrents' health

– It is also possible to heal Torrent by making use of the charges contained within your Flask of Crimson Tears

– The Process of Creating Healing Items for TorrentOnly one Rowa Fruit is required to make a Rowa Raisin, and an abundance of Rowa Fruits can be found growing in abundance throughout the Lands Between

– Your ability to craft more powerful Frozen Raisins from Rimed Rowa berries will increase once you have reached the Mountaintop of the Giants

– It is not difficult to gather either of these fruits, even while mounted, which makes it simple to stock up

– For information on the precise locations of the materials used in crafting, please refer to our guide

– Additional Techniques for Restoring the Health of TorrentsOnce you have exhausted all of your healing items, taking a break at Sites of Grace will completely restore both your own and Torrent's health

– You also have the ability to resurrect Torrent after death in order to heal any damage that they have sustained, but this will require you to sacrifice some of their runes if they were carrying any

It is also possible to revive Torrent if they are low on health by using your Flask of Crimson Tears while you are attempting to summon them. Guidance for Preventing Damage to the Torrent FileWhen engaging in combat with adversaries in the vicinity of Torrent, show caution so that they do not target your noble steed. On horseback, maintain your mobility to make it easier to avoid attacks. For more difficult foes that have wide-ranging attacks, you might want to consider dismounting. If their health is getting low, you can also summon Torrent to help them escape the battle. It is possible to keep Torrent alive for the duration of the fight by giving priority to enemies that target them.

Torrent is able to remain by your side throughout even the most dangerous battles in Elden Ring if you equip him with the appropriate items and employ the appropriate strategies. When it comes to maintaining their mobility bonus and clutch rescues, you should make healing Torrent a top priority. Prepare a large quantity of Rowa fruits and a large quantity of raisins so that Torrents's devoted service will never have to be terminated due to a lack of care. With a healthy Torrent, exploration will go more smoothly, and you will have a better chance of defeating challenging enemies together.

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