Gold Firefly Farming Method also known as the Elden Ring

Gold Firefly is an important component of Elden Ring's crafting system because it increases the number of runes that a player can obtain. Crafting is a very important process in Elden Ring, as it enables players to create useful items that will be of assistance to them while adventuring across the expansive world of the Lands Between. As a result, the various Crafting Materials are of equal significance, and one of those is the Gold Firefly.


It is said that the Gold Firefly in Elden Ring emits a captivating light that almost gives off a magical vibe, and some people believe that this light can reveal Runes. This material can typically be discovered in wet environments, such as ponds, in the vicinity of Minor Erdtrees. It is also considered an important asset in the game due to the fact that it is one of the materials used to craft Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot, which adds an additional 30% of Runes to the total amount that is received.

Technique for Cultivating Gold Fireflies in Elden Ring
When it comes to gathering any type of Crafting Material in Elden Ring, there are two important factors that play a role: the location of the material and having knowledge of how to gather it.

How to Get Rich Quickly Farming Gold Fireflies in the Elden Ring
It is possible to obtain 20 Gold Fireflies in a little over two minutes if players travel to the Mistwood pond and collect nine Gold Fireflies, then teleport to the Weeping Peninsula pond and collect 11 Gold Fireflies without killing any enemies in either location.

This indicates that it is possible to collect 300 Gold Fireflies in thirty minutes if Tarnished continues to go back and forth between the two ponds where they are located. And if that is too much, then you should only spend 15 minutes doing it because it rewards 150 Gold Fireflies. This amount will be sufficient for quite some time in Elden Ring due to the fact that the Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot only requires one Gold Firefly.

Farming Grounds for the Golden Firefly
Mistwood Outskirts and Weeping Peninsula are two places in Limgrave that stand out from the rest, and both of these places are located in Limgrave. The first one has nine Gold Fireflies, while the second one has eleven Gold Fireflies, which means that players can collect 20 Gold Fireflies in a relatively short amount of time if they choose the second option.

Location of the Mistwood Pond
It is possible to reach the Gold Fireflies in Mistwood by teleporting to the Mistwood Outskirts Site of Lost Grace and then traveling to the southeast until you reach the pond in front of you. There should be two Lesser Runebears in the area.

The first one is sound asleep, so it is possible to sneak past it and get to the pond, but the second one will undoubtedly try to attack Tarnished. Therefore, it is recommended to engage these Elden Ring foes in combat prior to pillaging the materials.

Location of the Weeping Pond on the Peninsula
Travel to the Tombsward Site of Lost Grace and then head southwest past the Walking Mausoleum to an open field. From there, turn southeast between the two ruins to reach the Gold Fireflies in Weeping Peninsula.

Remember that there will be weak soldiers waiting for you, and plan accordingly. Next, head to the east until you reach the pond in Elden Ring that is full of Octopus enemies. This pond is located relatively close to the Tower of Return. It is not necessary to engage in combat prior to gathering the necessary materials.

Some reviewers have more accurately described it as being like Dark Souls 4, 5, and 6 all at the same time. To say that Elden Ring is an expansive game would be a severe understatement. It is a massive game, and there are a great deal of things for players to do and comprehend within it. You can find guides for topics that were not covered in the sections that came before, such as how to change your appearance, tips for farming Runes, and what to do when you first start playing the game, below. It's exciting to figure things out on your own, but being aware of strategies like leveling up and upgrading your weapons can make even the game's toughest parts a piece of cake. Elden Ring is now available for purchase on the Microsoft Windows PC platform, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Series X|S.

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